Rules of the Wiki.

Breaking these rules will result in blocking.

First Amendment

  • That no user shall bully or tease another user because of race, gender or beliefs.
  • That no user shall partake in Sockpuppetry.
  • That no user shall Mini-mod.
  • That no user shall swear or use abusive speech towards another user.

Second Amendment

  • An admin should not misuse his/her power to support or otherwise stay ignorant to users who violate the rules, in which case he/she will be stripped of their powers and/or blocked for a specified time.

Third Amendment

  • That every user has the right to express their own opinion, but not in a way that offends anyone.

These Rules Were Created By Rowletbeak (talk) 11:13, April 14, 2017 (UTC)

Important pages
Staff, Example Page, Format Guide, Rules.

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