A Shark would be a mob which lives in the water. It has 30 HP, or 15 hearts. It is a Hostile Mob. It deals 8 points of damage to a Player with no armor. They spawn with 2 armor points. There are three kinds, the Hammerhead, Great White, and Tiger Sharks. The Great White, unlike the others, has 40 HP/20 hearts, and 4 armor points, and deals 11 points of damage. It is 4 blocks long and 1 wide, in contrast to the others which are 3 blocks long and 1 wide. Upon death, Sharks drop 0-1 Shark Teeth, which can be used for tools or to craft the Hardhead Block, which deals 0.5 hearts of damage to the Player or a mob every second they stand on it. They also drop 0-2 Raw Fish and 0-2 Prismarine Shards.

This Idea was created by PvPMaster2001.

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